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Digitalize your business with zero risk and no initial investment

easyBooks is a cloud powered business software suite that allows you to effectively manage your business
from anywhere using any computer - the only thing you need is a working internet connection!

Issue Invoices

Create and send PDF invoices from your customers orders quickly.

Get paid online, fast

Connect your bank account or your PayPal and get paid online, instantly.

Create Quotes and Offers

Increase your sales by creating and sending offers to your customers.

Monitor your sales, income, expenses

Track your company business performance and your finances through customisable and easily readable reports.

Tailored solutions powered by easyBooks

easyBooks platform is a flexible application that is used to deploy specialised solutions that are tailored for your business requirements.
Some of them are already available for your business. Discover them now.

easyBooks for creative agencies and freelancers

Increase your firm's productivity by automating your processes.
Create digital offers for your customers and agree on the pricing of the services you offer them.
Create invoices and get paid online. Avoid any miscommunications with your customers.
Decrease unnecessary back-and-forth communication and minimise your administration overhead.
learn more about the solution

Load and Delivery Management System for import-export firms

Order and delivery management of large volume specifically tailored for import-export trading firms.
Organise your shipments by coordinating suppliers, transport firms, customers and sales personnel.
Increase dramatticaly the orders you can handle any given time and improve your overall productivity.
Track your shipments on the map and inform your customer on his shipment location. learn more about the solution

Financial Planning and Monitoring

How easy is it for you to keep track of your company finances?
Connect easybooks fpm to any business and calculate your profitability at any given time!
Create an expenses and income budget using unlimited different scenarios.
Quickly start-up using pre-defined templates and data transformation and analysis tools. learn more about the solution

Characteristics of easyBooks solution

Create your account instantly

Instantly create your account using simply your email address. Select your subscription plan and you are ready!

100% Cloud-Powered

Costly server equipment not required. Just use your own PC/Mac/Tablet!

As user friendly as it gets

If you can browse the internet you can have your own business software solution!

Modern and Adaptable

Manage your business from anywhere you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Perfect for start-ups and small businesses

Develop your idea and focus on what matters, while keeping the operational costs down.

On-line support

We can help you at any step of the way. Leave us a message at support@easybooks.gr and we reply as soon as possible.

Available Plans and Pricing


9,99 €

per month
  • max 200 customers
  • order taking
  • invoicing
  • knowledge base/wiki support
  • monthly fees


24,99 €

per month, yearly payment
  • max 1.000 customers
  • order taking
  • create and send quotes
  • issue invoices
  • warehouse
  • expense tracking
  • e-mail and chat support
  • yearly payments


69,99 €

per month
  • unlimited customers
  • order taking and confirmation
  • create and send quotes
  • b2b customer portal
  • issue invoices
  • warehouse
  • expense tracking
  • e-mail and chat support
  • online invoice payments
  • mybusiness.easybooks.online domain
  • priority chat support
  • monthly payments

Create the solution that fits your bill

Don't prefer the predefined subscription plans? Create your own solution by selecting the features you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

easyBooks is a new system-as-a-service business application that runs on the cloud specifically designed for small-medium businesses and freelancers in order to help them increase their sales and effectively serve their customer base.

In contrast to most traditional business solutions, it requires zero initial investment (hardware, servers, software etc) and therefore significantly lowers the business risk. You oly need your own computer and a working internet connection.
easyBooks allows you to quickly and easily take control of your business without spending a fortune for it. The subscription service model allows you to keep the expenses at a minimum.

easyBooks allows you, with a small subscription fee, to manage effectively your customer base, create and send offers/quotes, issue invoice, manage your expenses and track your income, and many more.
Account registration is free. If you want to continue using the service you need to select one of the available subscription packages. If you don't want to create an account yet, there is an on-line demo available that you can use to evaluate the full capabilities of the application.
easyBooks uses a monthly or yearly subscription model. In contrast to other solutions it does not require upfront payments and does not have any hidden costs. Payment for the subscription is made through your account page, via Paypal, via Credit Card or via a Bank Transfer.
Visit the Plans and Pricing section to compare the different versions of our application.

If you want a more custom solution for your needs, contact us for a more personalised offer, we are here to help.
Of course, since easyBooks is a cloud web application you can access your account through your desktop, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

Your data are encrypted on our servers, while any payments or transactions are directly managed by PayPal or your bank.

if you have more questions regarding easyBooks,
you can contact us in the following email:

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